Worse Than a Fairy Tale
Worse Than a Fairy Tale
is the second studio album by American metalcore band Drop Dead, Gorgeous on August 14, 2007 through Suretune Records. The album is the first album on their new label and the only concept album released by the band. The album is an interactive experience for fans, telling the story of a serial killer who plies his trade in a small fictional town called Saylor Lake. Every song connects the pieces of the puzzle, and listeners will have the opportunity to decipher the mystery themselves through a multimedia experience on, which features postings and artwork related to the story. Each song is about one of the 11 murders carried out by the Saylor Lake Killer. It is the first of their albums to carry the Parental Advisory Sticker.

In the months leading up to the release of this album, the band posted a timer counting down to the 12:00 a.m. eastern time on July 6 release on their MySpace page. "They'll Never Get Me" was released on the MySpace when the timer stopped. The single "They'll Never Get Me (Word with You)" was released exclusively on Hot Topic and was also released on iTunes on July 24 along with the next track, "It Sounded Like an Accident".

Track ListingEdit

  1. "Red or White Wine?"
  2. "Drawing the Devil"
  3. "The Pleasure to End All Pleasures"
  4. "Worse Than a Fairy Tale"
  5. "They'll Never Get Me (Word with You)"
  6. "It Sounded Like an Accident"
  7. "45223"
  8. "It's Pretty Hard to Beat the King"
  9. "Donner, Party of Five"
  10. "Saylor Lake"
  11. "Bye, Bye, Blues (The Whole West Coast Is Ruined)"
  12. "I Want to Master Life and Death"


Drop Dead, GorgeousEdit

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Music VideoEdit

Drop Dead, Gorgeous - "They'll Never Get Me (Word with You)" (Official Music Video)03:42

Drop Dead, Gorgeous - "They'll Never Get Me (Word with You)" (Official Music Video)

Drop Dead, Gorgeous - They'll Never Get Me (Word with You)


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