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Alesana sophomore album

Where Myth Fades to Legend is the second full-length studio album by Alesana, released through Fearless Records on June 3, 2008. The album was produced by Steve Evetts and recorded in Los Angeles, California.

As with their previous album, the majority of the songs are related to fables and the members' "favorite stories" compiled from The Brothers Grimm, except for "As You Wish", which is based on the story The Princess Bride , along with "This Is Usually The Part Where People Scream" which is based on the first season of the television series Heroes, as well as the song "All Night Dance Parties In The Underground Palace" which was written for Shawn Milke's wife. Many of the album's songs are re-recorded versions of tracks that were included on the band's 2005 EP Try This With Your Eyes Closed.

Track ListingEdit

  1. "This Is Usually the Part Where People Scream"
  2. "Goodbye, Goodnight, for Good"
  3. "Seduction"
  4. "A Most Profound Quiet"
  5. "Red and Dying Evening"
  6. "Better Luck Next Time, Prince Charming"
  7. "The Uninivted Thirteenth"
  8. "Sweetheart, You Are Sadly Mistaken"
  9. "And They Call This Tragedy"
  10. "All Night Dance Parties in the Underground Palace"
  11. "Endings Without Stories"
  12. "As You Wish"
  13. "Obsession Is Such an Ugly Word"

Bonus Track

  • "Beautiful in Blue"



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Music VideoEdit

Alesana - "Seduction" (video)

Alesana - "Seduction" (video)