Thrill Seeker
Thrill Seeker
is the debut full-length album by American christian metalcore band August Burns Red. The first released video was for the song "Your Little Suburbia Is In Ruins".

Thrill Seeker is the only album to feature bassist Jordan Tuscan and vocalist Josh McManness, they both would later depart from the band the following year with Dustin Davidson and Jake Luhrs taking their positions respectively.

Track ListingEdit

  1. "Your Little Suburbia Is in Ruins"
  2. "Speech Impediment"
  3. "Endorphins"
  4. "Too Late for Roses"
  5. "Barbarian"
  6. "The Reflective Property"
  7. "A Wish Full of Dreams"
  8. "Consumer"
  9. "A Shot Below the Belt"
  10. "Eve of the End"
  11. "The Seventh Trumpet"


August Burns RedEdit




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