The Heartless Control Everything
The Heartless Control Everything
is the third EP from the American post-hardcore band Chiodos. It was released January 25, 2003 on the label Search and Rescue Records. Craig Owens, Matt Goddard and some of the band members are big fans of Square-Enix's popular selling PS2 video game Kingdom Hearts, and the title is a nod towards it since the villains in the game are called Heartless.

Track ListingEdit

  1. "Compromise of 1984"
  2. "Rainclouds and Eyeballs"
  3. "Ravishing Matt Rush"
  4. "Vacation to Hell"
  5. "The Lover and the Liar"
  6. "Hathaway Lane"
  7. "Bulls Have Horns"






  • At the beginning of "The Lover and the Liar" there are fast-spoken, backwards lyrics that when reversed again are revealed to be "How does it feel to know that you've taken someone's smile?". Spoken by lead singer Craig Owens.


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