The Dead Walk
The Dead Walk
is the third album by the American deathcore band The Acacia Strain, released on June 13, 2006 through Prosthetic Records. This is the band's first album to be solely released through Prosthetic Records. This is the band's only release with bassist Seth Coleman and the last with guitarist Daniel Daponde. One music video was made for the album, "Angry Mob Justice" released in 2006.

Track ListingEdit

  1. "Sarin: The End"
  2. "Burnface"
  3. "4X4"
  4. "As If Set Afire"
  5. "Angry Mob Justice"
  6. "Whoa! Shut It Down!"
  7. "See You Next Tuesday" (featuring Mike Ternan of Damnation AD)
  8. "Demolisher"
  9. "Pity"
  10. "Predator; Never Prey"
  11. "The Dead Walk" (featuring Rusty Kupyar of Torn Asunder)


The Acacia StrainEdit

Additional MusiciansEdit



Music VideoEdit

The Acacia Strain - Angry Mob Justice (Official Music Video)03:08

The Acacia Strain - Angry Mob Justice (Official Music Video)

The Acacia Strain - Angry Mob Justice


  • 4X4" is a reference to a type of burger you can get at In-N-Out Burger of the same name. This is what vocalist Vincent Bennet typically orders from the restaurant.
  • "Angry Mob Justice" is a reference to The Simpsons when Principal Skinner says, "Ahh, there's no justice like angry mob justice" in the episode "Bart After Dark".
  • "See You Next Tuesday" uses the famous acronym normally spelled "C U Next Tuesday" and subliminally using the word "Cunt".


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