The Chill Out Sessions
The Chill Out Sessions
is an extended play consisting of Bring Me the Horizon remixes made by British electronic music producer Draper. After being initially planned to be released on new years day 2012 it was delayed indefinitely by Bring Me the Horizon due to their label situation. However it was released on November 22, 2012 as a free download. The remix EP makes use of Draper's own music style named "chill-step" or "liquid-step" as a homage to his ambient, relaxing take on dubstep music.


At the end of 2011 Bring Me the Horizon made an announcement by the band on 29 December about a new extended play titled The Chill Out Sessions, a collaborative effort with British DJ "Draper". Draper first released a "officially sanctioned" remix of the song "Blessed with a Curse" in May 2011. The EP was originally supposed to be released in time for New Year's Day and to be made available for download and purchase though Bring Me the Horizon's website. However, the EP's release was canceled because of the band's "current management and label situation".

On November 22 the band released the collaborative album for free.

Track ListingEdit

  1. "Crucify Me"
  2. "It Never Ends"
  3. "Fuck"
  4. "Don't Go"
  5. "Memorial/Blessed with a Curse"
  6. "Blessed with a Curse (Instrumental)"


Bring Me the Horizon with DraperEdit



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