The Best Way to Ruin Your Life
The Best Way to Ruin Your Life
is the second EP released by American post-hardcore band Chiodos. The album title is meant to allude to marriage as being "The Best Way to Ruin Your Life". The album shows a drastic change from their first release showing more of an emo and pop punk style compared to their current post-hardcore sound. The EP was released in 2002.

Track ListingEdit

  1. "Mike Tyson vs. Mozart"
  2. "Quantum Mechanics (And Hyrdrodynamics)"
  3. "Roger's and Holland's Feelings"
  4. "Vacation to Hell"
  5. "Rainclouds for Eyeballs"
  6. "Deserving an Explanation"
  7. "Hathaway Lane"
  8. "Lindsay Quit Lollygagging"





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