is the debut studio album by American christian metalcore band Destroy the Runner. The album was released on September 12, 2006, through Solid State Records. It is the last release by the band to feature Kyle Setter as lead vocalist and the first and last release by the band to feature Jeremiah Crespo as bassist.

Destroy the Runner released a B-side track on December 15, 2009 with new vocalist Chad Ackerman.

Track ListingEdit

Standard EditionEdit

  1. "Dialogue"
  2. "My Darkness"
  3. "Columbia"
  4. "Saints"
  5. "Thoughts in Reverse"
  6. "The Aleph"
  7. "From the Red"
  8. "Without Sight"
  9. "Separate"
  10. "Sound of Reason"
  11. "There Can Be No Hesitation"
  12. "Pallbearer"
  13. "Resolution"


  • "Sinners"


Destroy the RunnerEdit



Music VideoEdit

Destroy the Runner - Saints (Official Music Video)03:58

Destroy the Runner - Saints (Official Music Video)

Destroy the Runner - Saints


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