is the second full-length album by American metalcore band Confide, set to release on May 18, 2010 on Tragic Hero Records. The album was recorded in winter 2009 at The Foundation Studios by Joey Sturgis. This was the band's last album before disbanding in November 2010 until 2012. Confide is currently working on creating new music.

Track ListingEdit

Standard EditionEdit

  1. "When Heaven Is Silent"
  2. "Tighten It Up"
  3. "The View from My Eyes"
  4. "Now or Never"
  5. "Delete, Repeat"
  6. "My Choice of Words"
  7. "People Are Crazy"
  8. "Barely Breathing"
  9. "80B"
  10. "Tell Me I'm Not Alone" (featuring Brandon Wronski of Eye Alaska)
  11. "Write This Down"

Itunes Bonus TracksEdit

  • "Burning Bridges"
  • "Real Life"



Additional MusiciansEdit



Music VideoEdit

Confide - The View from My Eyes (Official Music Video)02:29

Confide - The View from My Eyes (Official Music Video)

Confide - The View from My Eyes


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