Is the debut studio album from British metalcore band Bury Tomorrow. The album was released first in the United Kingdom on Basick Records on October 12, 2009. Adam Jackson has stated? the album? was named Portraits for two reasons: "Firstly, the title track is based on the story of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde, a cautionary tale of the beauty and frailty of life. Secondly, Portraits depicts a person or character frozen in time as they were at a given moment. This is how we see this album - it’s a reflection of our tastes, loves, hates, losses and gains. It’s a memory in musical form, the first glimpse of the picture that is Bury Tomorrow.


Release and PromotionEdit

The album was released first in the United Kingdom on Basick Records on October 12, 2009 while? the album? was released through Artery Recordings on March 2010 in Japan and the United States. The American version of the album featured both a alternate album art and a extended track listing with three bonus tracks: "Waxed Wings", "The Western Front" and "Breathe On Glass". These three tracks were released in the United Kingdom as a extended play titled On Waxed Wings.

Two music videos were shot to accompany the release of Portraits. The first music video was for "Her Bones In the Sand" was released on 9 September 2008, a month prior to the release of the album. You and I's music video was recorded at Southampton Solent University and featured Bury Tomorrow performing to 200 fans, the video was shot over the course of two days, with the second day focusing on the band performing. "You and I" was broastcasted on MTV2 in the United States, Scuzz in the United Kingdom and on Much Music in Canada.


Phil Freeman of Alternative Press gave the album a 3 out of 5 stars, saying: "If you're wondering whether they bring anything unique or unexpected to the table, the answer is no. Is Portraits a pleasurable enough melodic metalcore album while it's playing? Absolutely."

Track ListingEdit

Standard EditionEdit

  1. "Confessions"
  2. "Evolution of Self"
  3. "You and I"
  4. "Her Bones in the Sand"
  5. "Repair the Lightning"
  6. "Casting Shapes"
  7. "Factory of Embers"
  8. "Relief"
  9. "Anything With Teeth"
  10. "These Woods Aren't Safe for Us"

Bonus TracksEdit

  • "Waxed Wings"
  • "The Western Front"
  • "Breathe On Glass"


Bury TomorrowEdit



Music VideosEdit

Bury Tomorrow - Her Bones in the Sand (Official Music Video)04:15

Bury Tomorrow - Her Bones in the Sand (Official Music Video)

Bury Tomorrow - Her Bones in the Sand

Bury Tomorrow - You and I (Official Music Video)03:19

Bury Tomorrow - You and I (Official Music Video)

Bury Tomorrow - You and I


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