Crown the Empire debut EP

is the debut EP by American post-hardcore band Crown the Empire. It was independently released on October 10, 2011. Less than a year after the album's release the band was singed to Rise Records. This is the only album by the band where Andrew Velasquez does both clean and unclean vocals, the role of unclean vocals was handed over to David Escamilla in August of 2012.

Track ListingEdit

  1. "The Glass Elevator (Walls)"
  2. "Breaking Point"
  3. "Wake Me Up"
  4. "Johnny Ringo"
  5. "Voices"
  6. "Limitless" (featuring Denis Shaforostov of Down & Dirty)
  7. "Lead Me Out of the Dark"


Crown the EmpireEdit

Additional MusiciansEdit

Crown the empire black

Music VideosEdit

Crown The Empire - Voices (Official Music Video)03:35

Crown The Empire - Voices (Official Music Video)

Crown The Empire - "Wake Me Up" Acoustic02:39

Crown The Empire - "Wake Me Up" Acoustic

Crown The Empire Johnny Ringo (Official Music Video)04:35

Crown The Empire Johnny Ringo (Official Music Video)

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