Let Oceans Lie

A Hero A Fake Sophomore Album

Let Oceans Lie
is the second album by American metalcore band A Hero A Fake, released on January 19, 2010 through Victory Records. A music video for the album's self-titled single, "Let Oceans Lie", was produced by Scott Hansen and premiered on MTV2 on February 13, 2010.

Track ListingEdit

All lyrics written by Justin Brown except on "A Year In Passing" which was written by Eric Morgan.

  1. "Our Summit, This World"
  2. "Swallowed By the Sea"
  3. "Elk River Falls"
  4. "Sleepstate"
  5. "Astronomical"
  6. "Dear"
  7. "Images"
  8. "Let Oceans Lie"
  9. "Eckhart"
  10. "Impart Your Loss"
  11. "A Year In Passing"


A Hero A Fake
A Hero A Fake (2010)


Music VideoEdit

A Hero A Fake - Let Oceans Lie04:27

A Hero A Fake - Let Oceans Lie


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