is the third studio album by American post-hardcore band Chiodos. It was released on October 5, 2010 through Equal Vision Records. Illuminaudio is the first and only studio album from the band with vocalist Brandon Bolmer, formerly of Yesterdays Rising, after the departure of Craig Owens. Owens would return to the band in 2012, replacing Bolmer. This is also the first and only album with drummer Tanner Wayne, formerly of Underminded. He would leave the band in 2012, to be replaced by former drummer Derrick Frost.

Track ListingEdit

Standard EditionEdit

  1. "Illuminaudio"
  2. "Caves"
  3. "Love Is a Cat from Hell" (featuring Vic Fuentes of Pierce the Veil)
  4. "Mordern Wolf Hair"
  5. "Notes in Constellation"
  6. "Scaremonger"
  7. "His Story Repeats Itself"
  8. "Let Us Born One"
  9. "Hey Zeus! The Dungeon"
  10. "Stratovolcano Mouth"
  11. "Those Who Slay Together, Stay Together"
  12. "Closed Eyes Still Look Forward"

Australian Bonus TrackEdit

  • "New Thought Movement"



Additional MusiciansEdit



Music VideosEdit

Chiodos - Caves (Official Music Videos)03:49

Chiodos - Caves (Official Music Videos)

Chiodos - Caves

Chiodos - Notes in Constellations (Official Music Videos)04:31

Chiodos - Notes in Constellations (Official Music Videos)

Chiodos - Notes in Constellations



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