His Last Walk
His Last Walk
is the debut full-length album by American christian post-hardore band Blessthefall, released April 10, 2007. The album was released before Blessthefall started to play on the Taste of Chaos tour. Four singles were released for the album: "Higinia", "Guys Like You Make Us Look Bad", "A Message to the Unknown", and "Rise Up". The last song, "His Last Walk", features a bonus song (at the end of the same track) called "Purple Dog", which is a joke song made by the band members. The album was re-released on August 20, 2007 through Ferret Music.

Track ListingEdit

  1. "A Message to the Unknown"
  2. "Guys Like You Make Us Look Bad"
  3. "Higinia"
  4. "Could Tell a Love"
  5. "Rise Up"
  6. "Times Like These"
  7. "Pray"
  8. "With Eyes Wide Shut"
  9. "Wait for Tomorrow"
  10. "Black Rose Dying"
  11. "His Last Walk"

Re-release Bonus Tracks

  • "Rise Up" (Acoustic)
  • "I Wouldn't Quit If Everyone Quit"




Music VideosEdit

Blessthefall Guys Like You Make Us Look Bad04:11

Blessthefall Guys Like You Make Us Look Bad

Blessthefall - Guys Like You Make Us Look Bad

"Rise Up" by Blessthefall03:58

"Rise Up" by Blessthefall

Blessthefall - Rise Up


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