High Hopes
High Hopes is the second release by Australian group, The Amity Affliction. The first pressing came in a CD/DVD package with subsequent pressings lacking the DVD. It marks a shift in the band's sound, with the addition of keyboard and samples, as well as acoustic sections.

Track ListingEdit

  1. "I Heart Throbsy"
  2. "R.I.P. Steggy"
  3. "Straight Up!"
  4. "Dong Wayne"
  5. "Cut It Out"


The Amity AfflictionEdit



  • This is the last release to feature Ahren Stringer on rhythm guitar, before switching to bass guitar.
  • "Straight Up!" and "Cut It Out" include content from the late 80s Canadian television show Degrassi High episode entitled "Showtime Part 1".
  • "R.I.P. Steggy" features an audio clip from the film Training Day at the beginning of the song.
  • "Cut It Out" includes content from the film, The Butterfly Effect.