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Escape the Fate is an American post-hardcore band from Las Vegas, Nevada and are currently signed to Eleven Seven Music. Formed in 2004 by Ronnie Radke, Bryan Money, Robert Ortiz, Max Green and Omar Espinosa. The band has released three extended plays and three albums with a number of line-up changes along the way. The band's debut album, Dying Is Your Latest Fashion, on September 26, 2006 and was the last full-length release by the band to include original vocalist Ronnie Radke. The band's second studio album, This War Is Ours, released on October 21, 2008 with the band's current vocalist Craig Mabbitt. The band's self-titled third album was released on November 2, 2010 and the band's most successful release yet. Escape the Fate is currently working on their fourth studio album which has a release date planned for sometime in 2013.


Formation and Dying Is Your Latest Fashion (2004 - 2006)Edit

Before forming Escape the Fate in 2004; Ronnie Radke, Max Green, Robert Ortiz, Bryan Money, Carson Allen, and Omar Espinosa were in multiple bands all together. Bryan Money later created Escape the Fate, and invited Omar Espinosa, who then invited Max Green into the band. Max Green later invited Ronnie Radke and Robert Ortiz, and later recruited Carson Allen.

In September 2005, Escape the Fate had won a local radio contest judged by My Chemical Romance. The gig awarded them the opportunity to open a show on the band's headlining tour with Alkaline Trio and Reggie and the Full Effect, which subsequently led to Escape the Fate's record deal with Epitaph, this is also partly because of Escape the Fates demo. Following their record deal, the band released their debut EP titled There's No Sympathy for the Dead. in May 2006 which included two songs that were later on their debut studio album, Dying Is Your Latest Fashion. The EP was produced by Michael Baskette and helped earn the band attention from record labels and fans alike. After the EP's release, keyboardist Carson Allen left the band to join On the Last Day.

Later on September 26, 2006, the band released their debut studio album, Dying Is Your Latest Fashion, which charted moderately on Billboard's Heatseeker and Top Independent charts.

Line-Up Changes and This War Is Ours (2007 - 2010)Edit

In 2007, during the Black on Black tour, rhythm guitarist Omar Espinosa left the band due to personal issues and started a band called Perfect Like Me after leaving the band The Black and White City. Later, Ronnie Radke was asked to leave the band after he was sentenced to prison in June 2008 for multiple run-ins with the law involving narcotics and battery for a fight that led up to the death of Michael Cook. As stated by Max Green, "First we couldn't tour out of the country, then out of the state." Radke was released from prison in December 2010 and is now in a new band, Falling in Reverse.

After the departure of Radke, former Blessthefall vocalist Craig Mabbitt was asked joined the band, first as a temporary replacement, and then as a permanent member. Mabbitt immediately wrote the second album for the band, This War Is Ours, which was released on October 21, 2008. It included the singles "The Flood", "Something", "10 Miles Wide", and "This War Is Ours (The Guillotine II)". "The Flood" has been released as downloadable content with the Warped Tour 01 Pack for the Rock Band games. It was the first Escape the Fate album featuring Craig Mabbitt as the vocalist. Before the tour for This War Is Ours, the band had never completed a full tour. The band later went on the This War Is Ours tour with Attack Attack!, Burn Halo, William Control, and Black Tide. The band then joined Hollywood Undead and Atreyu on their 2008 tour and toured Europe during December.

In 2010, Epitaph Records announced the re-release of the This War Is Ours album in deluxe CD/DVD edition. The CD included two new never before heard songs, later identified to be "Bad Blood" and "Behind the Mask", an acoustic version of "Harder Than You Know", and an unreleased remix of "This War Is Ours (The Guillotine II)" called "This War Is Mine", remixed by Shawn Crahan. It also came with a DVD that featured the new music video to "This War Is Ours (The Guillotine II)", as well as "Something", "The Flood", and "10 Miles Wide", as well as a world tour documentary and a behind the music feature. It released April 27, 2010.

Escape the Fate spent the rest of 2010 touring Australia on the Soundwave Festival and then Extreme Thing in the US.

Self-Titled Album (2010 - 2011)Edit

Escape the Fate began writing a third record in early 2010, which eventually became the self-titled Escape the Fate, which was released in November 2010. For the album, the band left Epitaph and signed to major label Interscope and had the record produced by Don Gilmore. Max Green commented on the album, saying, "This record is the cure for the modern day music epidemic, We are wiping the slate clean and re-writing rock music as you know it.” The album spawned four singles: "Massacre", "Issues", "City of Sin", and "Gorgeous Nightmare".

In an interview during Warped Tour 2009, Max Green stated that the album would feature a song co-written by Mick Mars of Mötley Crüe, who approached Escape the Fate to collaborate on some songs, but later was revealed that they decided against putting the song on the album and saving it for a future release.

Starting July 24, 2010, they set off on tour for South and Central America, the country's toured are Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Colombia and Venezuela. Escape the Fate were set to take on a United States, Canada, and Europe tour prior to release of the album, with Bullet for My Valentine, Drive A and Black Tide, but later forfeited their spot due to Max Green admitting to rehab.

In May Escape the Fate jumped on the second half of the Raid The Nation tour headlined by Papa Roach with the absence of Max Green on bass. With no statement by the band on his replacement, it was later recogegnized by many as TJ Bell, who was at the time the current rhythm guitarist for the band Motionless in White. In later interviews with the band after Green's departure, it was clear his absence from the tour was due to his addiction with drugs. Bell would go on to fill in for Green on many subsequent tours before replacing Green permanently in 2012.

On January 11, 2011, the band performed live in "Tues Show" ( the song "Issues" and "Gorgeous Nightmare" with the special collaboration of Kevin Thrasher of LoveHateHero. On August 19, 2011, the band announced via Facebook that Monte Money would be taking a break from touring but will still be in the band. Kevin Thrasher, who has worked with the band in the past, substituted for Monte. It was also announced that Max Green returned to the band after taking a break through the first half of 2011 to recover from his addiction with drugs through rehab. “I’m feeling great and am glad to be back with my band. Escape The Fate is my life. This is where I belong.”, Max Green said. After they played a couple of shows on the 2011 Uproar Festival, Max, again, left the band and Zakk Sandler, from Black Tide (who was also playing Uproar), filled in for him. Tj Bell, currently bassist of Get Scared once again filled in for bassist Max Green in early 2012 on the band's UK tour with Funeral for a Friend, who had previously filled in for Green on their tour with Papa Roach.

Fourth Album (2011 - present)Edit

In mid-December, the band re-entered the studio to work on the production of their fourth album. The album will be produced by John Feldmann and is scheduled for release some time in 2012.

Escape the Fate plans on recording the fourth album all through February 2012. Mabbitt commented that since they are recording with John Feldmann again, who they worked with on their second album, This War Is Ours, the style of the upcoming album will be similar to This War Is Ours but will also have elements of their self-titled album added in. He also announced a tour, later revealed to be the This World is Ours Tour in South America with metalcore band Attack Attack! as well as supporting acts The Word Alive and Mest. The tour would later be continued in the United States and Canada. He revealed on February 7 that Escape the Fate is working with Fall Out Boy lead singer Patrick Stump. It was later revealed that they made the song "Painting" together, which will be on the upcoming Escape the Fate album.

On March 4, 2012, Max Green stated on his Twitter account that he is no longer playing in Escape the Fate. He did not give any specific reasons for his departure, but summarized that it was mainly due to personal and musical differences. He later announced that although he is no longer part of Escape the Fate, he is still continuing making music. Mabbitt hinted in an interview with Alternative Press that Max Green's departure was due to drugs. Despite the sudden departure, Green and Escape the Fate remained on good terms, to the point where Green even attended a recent show by the band in Los Angeles. Green joined the band The Natural Born Killers and released their first song "Last Day".

The band announced that their South American tour with Attack Attack! will be delayed until June because of Attack Attack! member Andrew Wetzel being diagnosed with pneumonia.

In the aforementioned interview with Alternative Press, the band officially announced that touring members TJ Bell and Michael Money will join the band as official members. Mabbitt commented that Michael Money would have already been an official member, but certain members of the band (who are now former members) refused to let him in. “When the band became a four-piece we still wanted rhythm so he was never officially given a spot in the band [because] some other members that aren't in the band anymore didn't want him to be,” he continues. “It got to the point where we were on a tour and he was playing behind the stage, then we got to Warped Tour and he was restricted to this little box and I'm sure it had some effect on Monte as well, [his brother] being in a band but not being an official part of it, so to see them happy and see that camaraderie, it's nice. We'll be stronger moving forward,” Mabbitt said. Along with this, the band also revealed a possible September 2012 release date for their fourth studio album, and the band will be playing a new track from the upcoming album on the This World Is Ours tour, later to be revealed to be titled, "Live Fast, Die Beautiful".

Robert Ortiz announced in an interview that the band is in the process of switching record labels, explaining that Interscope had too much creative control over the band and the band was unhappy with it. They later announced that they have signed with Eleven Seven Music.

On December 17, 2012 the band released the teaser for their first single, "Ungrateful", off their still untitled fourth album.

Band MembersEdit

Current MembersEdit

  • Craig Mabbitt - lead vocals (2008 - present)
  • Bryan Money - lead guitar and backing vocals (2004 - present), keyboards (2006 - present)
  • Thomas Bell - bass guitar and backing vocals (2012 - present)
  • Michael Money - rhythm guitar (2012 - present)
  • Robert Ortiz - drums, percussion and backing vocals (2004 - present)

Former MembersEdit

  • Ronnie Radke - lead vocals (2004 - 2008), rhythm guitar (2006 and 2007 - 2008) and keyboards (2008)
  • Max Green - bass guitar (2004 - 2012)
  • Omar Espinosa - rhythm guitar and backing vocals (2004 - 2007)
  • Caron Allen - keyboards, synthesizers and backing vocals (2005 - 2006)

Touring MembersEdit



Studio AlbumsEdit

Extended PlaysEdit


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