Edge of Reality is the debut EP by American metalcore supergroup Dead Rabbitts. The EP was released on October 19, 2012 through PledgeMusic and on October 30 on iTunes. The album was produced by Caleb Shomo and is Craig Mabbitts second attempt at side project as his first, The Word Alive, kicked him out. Drummer Brian Dawd and guitarist Kevin Gruft left the band shortly after the EP's release. Gruft appears on the EP's bonus track and is credited as being a guest rather than a member because of his departure from the band before the song was made.

Track ListingEdit

Standard EditionEdit

  1. "World of Disaster"
  2. "Nuthin' But a Reject"
  3. "Air I Breathe Is You"
  4. "On Top of the World" (featuring Bryan Money of Escape the Fate)
  5. "Edge of Reality"
  6. "Sleep the Night Away"
  7. "Make Me Believe It" (featuring Caleb Shomo formerly of Attack Attack!)
  8. "Are You on Drugs?

Bonus TrackEdit

  • "Making Christmas" (Danny Elfman and The Citizens of Halloween Town Cover) (featuring Kevin Gruft of LoveHateHero)


Dead RabbittsEdit



Dead Rabbitts - Edge of Reality - Single03:04

Dead Rabbitts - Edge of Reality - Single

Dead Rabbitts - Edge of Reality

Dead Rabbitts - World of Disaster - Single03:43

Dead Rabbitts - World of Disaster - Single

Dead Rabbitts - World of Disaster


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