is the fourth album by the American deathcore band The Acacia Strain, released on August 19, 2008 through Prosthetic Records. This is the band's first album to include new bassist Jack Strong and drummer Kevin Boutot. Vocalist Vincent Bennett spoke to MTV News about Continent stating that the album is the band's "darkest effort" to date. The album debuted at No. 107 on the Billboard 200 chart and No. 2 on the Billboard Heatseekers chart with first week sales of almost 5,600.

Track ListingEdit

  1. "Skynet"
  2. "Seaward"
  3. "Dr. Doom"
  4. "Forget-Me-Now"
  5. "Cthulhu"
  6. "Baby Buster" (featuring James Bulloch of Ringworm)
  7. "Balboa Towers"
  8. "JFC"
  9. Kräken"
  10. "The Combine"
  11. "The Behemoth"
  12. "Staypuft"


The Acacia StrainEdit

Additional MusiciansEdit



Music VideoEdit

The Acacia Strain - Skynet (Official Music Video)04:30

The Acacia Strain - Skynet (Official Music Video)

The Acacia Strain - Skynet


  • Several of the albums tracks refer to the television show Arrested Development:
    • Seaward (name of GOB's boat)
    • Forget-Me-Now (name of GOB's date-rape drug)
    • Baby Buster (Buster's Nickname)
    • Balboa Towers (name of Lucille's Mansion Community)
  • The final 3 lines of "Skynet" are a reference to the message board on
  • An internet rumor circulated stating that lyrics on the first track, "Skynet", were written about the band Emmure and how they have allegedly ripped off The Acacia Strain, although vocalist Vincent Bennett has denied this on stage numerous times. Regardless, Emmure responded to plagiarism claims in their song "R2DEEPTHROAT".


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