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Before Their Eyes is an American christian post-hardcore band from Findlay, Ohio and are currently signed to InVogue Records. The band formed in 2006 and have released four studio albums; a self-titled debut album on May 15, 2007, their sophomore album, The Dawn of My Death, was released on October 28, 2008. The band released their third studio album, Untouchable, on March 16, 2010 and their last studio album, Redemption, on March 26, 2012. The band's name is taken from the New Testament verse Romans 3:18 "There is no fear of God before their eyes."

Before Their Eyes plan to break-up in 2013. Their final plans are two record two final extended plays, one containing songs that reflect their heavier sound, and the other containing songs that reflect their more pop oriented sound. Their original plans have changed with the band deciding on recording a full-length album instead of two separate EPs.


Formation and Self-Titled Album (2006 - 2008)Edit

The band formed in October 2006 by Nick Moore and James Nahorny who were both members of the band, The Drama Summer, they were later joined by Brandon Howard, Brenden Zepp and Jarret Hottman. Since the band's inception the band recorded 2 demos with producer Joey Sturgis which got them signed to Riise Records.

Before the release of their debut studio album the band went through several line-up changes. Guitarist James Nahorny left the band to finish his college degree and was replaced by Cory Ridenour. Bassist Brandon Howard left the band and was replaced by Nathan Warren though he wouldn't remain with the band and left the same year. The band later discovered a replacement bassist for the band Anthony Damschroder who has been with the band since.

The band released their debut self-titled album on May 15, 2007 a year after the bands inception. Shortly after the release of their debut album guitarist Cory Ridenour left the band and in 2008 the band inducted guitarist and vocalist Landon Tewers.

The Dawn of My Death (2008 - 2009)Edit

Prior to the release of the album the band posted the song, "The Dawn of My Death", from their upcoming album of the same name. On October 28, 2008 the band released their sophomore album, The Dawn of My Death. Upon the album's release the band departed on the Scream the Prayer Tour in 2008 with Here I Come Falling and Agraceful, and the One Moment Management Tour with Eyes Set to Kill, and LoveHateHero. Guitarist Brenden Zapp departed from the band and was replaced by Elliott Gruenberg in 2009.

Untouchable (2010)Edit

In early 2010 the band posted a blog, saying that they’ve finished tracking the album. The album’s title was announced to be Untouchable with plans to release on March 9, 2010.

On January 19, 2010, the band posted a blog on their Myspace announcing the full track listing for Untouchable. The next day the band posted two new songs from Untouchable entitled "Sing to Me' and "Bulletproof" on their MySpace page.

On February 5, 2010, Before Their Eyes released two more new songs, "Rick vs. Nick" and "Love Is Misery".

On March 9, the band released their third studio album, Untouchable; the first single from the album is the song “Sing to Me”.

On April 18, 2010, vocalist Nick Moore announced that he was no longer a member of Before Their Eyes and asked for support for his new side project. This was announced on his Twitter page where he tweeted “I am no longer in Before Their Eyes. I hope you all support my new project like u did BTE when I started it.Official statement soon! Love,N”. The remaining members are currently scouting possibilities for a new lead singer.

On May 5, 2010, guitarist and vocalist Landon Tewers announced that he was leaving Before Their Eyes and that he would finish the remaining shows posted on the band’s MySpace. This was announced on his Twitter and Live Journal. He is now a full time member in his side project, The Plot in You as their vocalist.

According to the band’s official Facebook page, they have gained three new members, a vocalist and two guitarists, and will be announcing a new one every Wednesday, beginning August 18, 2010. The first member announced was guitarist, Jordan Disorbo. On Wednesday, August 25, 2010, Before Their Eyes posted a second video on their Facebook announcing the second new member of the band, Evan McKeever who will be playing guitar and doing backup vocals for the band.

Fall 2010 Before Their Eyes will be touring with Rufio.

Redemption (2010 - 2012)Edit

In 2010 vocalist James Arnold departed from the band to join FearItself and former vocalist Chris Moore returned to the band.

On June 12, 2011, Before Their Eyes announced on their Facebook page that their fourth studio albun, Redemption, would be released on March 27, 2012.

The band also announced that Nicholas Alan Ingram (Capital House Studio) is producing the new record, with Joey Sturgis mastering it.

On January 1, 2012, Before Their Eyes announced via Facebook the release of the album's lead single, "Lies". The video appeared on the YouTube channel of the group's record label, InVogue Records.

On February 4, 2012 they shot a live music video in Findlay, Ohio at The Lighthouse for the single "Lies" and the band announced it would be released in early March.

On February 12, 2012 Before Their Eyes announced on their Facebook page that Jarrett Hottman is currently taking care of life priorities and that Zach Baird is to take over his duties for the time being.

On February 14, 2012, Alternative Press is premiering their new single for the album title track "Redemption".

On March 10, 2012 Before Their Eyes announced that Craig Owens would be the band's new manager and that their new record would be released March 26, 2012

The Finale (2012 - 2013)Edit

On November 4, 2012, Before Their Eyes announced that they will be breaking up in 2013. The band plans on recording one more official album. The album will be a two EP project, one containing songs that reflect their heavier sound, and the other containing songs that reflect their more pop oriented sound, but decided to just release one more full length album titled, The Finale being released sometime in 2013.

Band MembersEdit

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